Happy ending of the Tobacco Plus Expo in Las Vegas

TPE show in Las Vegas which is one of the biggest show in the whole word about electronic cigarette and tobacco was held from Mar.16 to Mar.18.Many companies and vaper fans all around the world joined this big show which includes we Shenzhen Aikre Tech Co,.Ltd.

At this time, we brought our newest and unique desin products called Pure Hit Vaporizer and Muscle mod. For more specifications of them ,you may try to read the passage about them on our website.You will find some surprises there definately. Many vaper fans said and asked us to hold for them after the end of the show. Not only this, vaper fans tried them again and again. They do give us big affirmation and good comments.

Moreover,many companies and vaper fans were also widely needed the sample and they wanted us to provide OEM for this product. But we felt sorry that this product is gonna be our own brand. So we may not provide OEM for this product. Of course,if you wanted OEM for the products of your company,we would do it for you. You can contact us at the first time.







We have received so many pre-orders at the show and also thanks for all of our vaper fans, old and new customers. .After the TPE show, we put around 3-4 days to visit our customers.
That is our customers who give us so much strength to do more and more exploration on new products .AIKER TECH will not let them disappointed.All the firmly co-operation and communication will bring both of our factory and customer more and more benifits.


Las Vegas is full of modern streets buildings and passions. People there are all so nice and friendly. We have also spent some times to visit this beautifu city. We will be back to USA in May. Hope all of our customers all goes well and to see our booth. Because you can’t miss it!

Aiker Company Keep Trying Their Best to Create Best E-cigarette for Vapers

During the last three months of 2015,Aiker company which is just one of those companies specialized in electronic cigarette in China had been concentrating on developing a kind of healthier and newest vape products for vapers. For the first month,technicist John came up with one word “filtration”. He said that water can be filtered. What about the smoke?What will the taste be like after it was filtered?

图片1                                图片2

No sooner said than done. The technical section started to do experiment on this scheme. We found that the smoke is very pure and refreshing ,100% authentic from the tobacco. The enjoyment is so awesome. Then we think about every details and part of the e-cigarette. Because we think never will we do a junk thing once we got the thought. Aiker company just want to make sure the quality and the safety of it. We name the new atomizer “Pure Hit”. The name stand for the meaning of bring the pure enjoyment to vapers.

Ceramic take place of the plastic. The base of the atomizer is made of ceramic and 304 stainless steel which avoid it from swelling. This is not safe and healthy to vapers.


A particular feature of the box mod is that the time can be adjusted to your requirement. The sample has the delay protection. You just press the button one time. It can continue to work for 10 seconds. If you want to press the button all the time,we can make it for you. Another feather is that the mod has a built-in circuit wafer inside it. Traditional box mod is easy to stop working because of the circuit wafer.


Everything is well done. We have already received big orders from American and European customers. This makes us confident in the market on this two products. Come and have a try. We can provide you best box mod starter kit and box mod vape kit. You will like it!! We welcome all the vapers and wholesalers. More info you can visit akecigarette.

Best Wishes to The 2016 Tobacco Plus Expo International

On March 16 – 18, 2016,our company will attend Tobacco Plus Expo International Show on time in Las Vegas, America. And we will stay there for about 10 days. We have already sent invitation letters to we Shenzhen Aiker company. Some people in America have said that they will come to our booth at that time. We hereby sincerely welcome all the vapers who is interested in this big expo. Absolutely, we gonna give all the vapers big surprise. Don’t miss it or you will miss lots of awesome moment!!

Shenzhen Aiker company

Shenzhen Aiker company

metal material E-cigarette

metal material E-cigarette

Opportunities are always for those who are well prepared. We will bring our newest product to Las Vegas which has already received very good comments from our market investigation. What a big comfort and great news to our company and vapers. Our company will definitely not let you disappointed. Come for a look, guys. Since you will not lose anything, on the other hand, you may able to see the one you have a crash on it.

Sincerely, we do hope you can join us and share this big party with us. We will bring you the best mods e cigarette mechanical boxes and metal material E-cigarette. Looking forward to your arrival!

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The year of monkey leading the brighter future of Shenzhen Aiker Technology Company

Chinese spring festival has passed just now which meant the new beginning of our business in 2016. Look to the past, we keeping a grateful heart appreciate every customer ‘s trust and support. It is this that we Shenzhen Aiker Technology company has achieved great progress and good business opportunity.

Shenzhen Aiker Technology Company

Shenzhen Aiker Technology Company


The turnover of we company in 2015 has increased by 35%through every employee’s hardworking and best service which makes every member more confident with their work. We believe that if you are sincere and honest to every customer, they won’t let your time wasted and will be good friends of you. Patience passion and persistence are the 3P principle to everyone of us. We are happy to serve every customer and we are moved by their good reply and more order from our company. That is the power pushing we move forward and bringing best product to the vape market. Trust us, you do have royal enjoyment from our product. 2016 we will be bringing more mods e cigarette mechanical boxes and metal material E- cigarette for you!


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Aiker New Product Hisbox 50w


Aiker produced a new product – Hisbox 50W,which supports both Nickle coil and Ti coil。It is the first carved electronic cigarette with flam totem in the body.

The resistance ranges from:

Under temperature mode : minimum 0.06ohm,maximum 2ohm。
under wattage mode: minimum 0.1ohm,maximum 3ohm

Temperature control range

Minumum 100℃,Maximum 315 ℃,or 100℉ to 600℉。

Hisbox 50W has a 2200mah built-in battery,so the body side has no any gap.


(The outer package is very simple and beautiful)


(The inner package is black shading with silver foil printing)


(The front and back all have a relief which is a symbol of flame, it is said too be a desinger’s handwriting of 2008 Olympic games)


图片6(Fire button, nice plus and decrease button)



(510 thread, the four Titanium screws are very beautiful)


(Bottom with USB line and battery cooling hole)

Now we have Silver, Black and gold color, very beautiful colors, welcome for your order.


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Aiker Tobacco Expo Invitation

Dear XXX:

We hereby sincerely invite you to visit our booth at the Tobacco Plus Expo International which is the largest tobacco show in North America. The Tobacco Plus Expo will be held at the Las Vegas convention center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA over the dates of March 16-18,2016. Meanwhile, you can visit the specific introduction of the Tobacco Plus Expo International at www.tobaccoplusexpo.com for more information.


We are one of the most professional manufacturers in China, products covering in Mods E Cigarette Mechanical Boxes, Metal Material E- Cigarette. And in this expo, we will show mainly our newest design products which will own large market share by our investigation of people  from different countries. However, please contact us if you have any interest in our product.

It would be a great pleasure to meet you at the Tobacco Plus Expo International. We are very much expecting to establish a long term and good business relationship with you in the near future.

Booth No.7089

Location: Las Vegas convention center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Date: March 16-18,2016


Contact us:

Post Code:518101

Tel:+86 755 29533563

Fax:+86 755 29533563

Mobile:+86 13510505686




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Malaysian Chinese Mr.Yang’s visit of Aiker Company

On January,20th,2016,around 11:00 am, Malaysian Chinese Mr.Yang came to our company.Our boss Ms.Pei,genetal manager Manager Mr.James ,sales Paul,Leon,Anna and Michael greeted him warmly. The customer is quite satisfied with our warm reception, and the nice , tidy environment.


(The man in the sofa with Brown coat and blue shirt is Mr.Yang)

Mr.Yang tells us he has stayed Shenzhen,China for almost 15 years.He opened a shop with his partner in Malaysia,and he is responsible for purchasing in China.At first,Paul briefly introduced all our 316L atomizers to Mr.Yang:Nectar, Rocket Science,Rose V2-S,Snap dragon,SQRS,Pico,pico-s etc to Mr.Yang


(Mr.Yang is sending message to his Malaysian partner)

During the meeting, Mr.Yang also showed us their request on quality, payment terms, shipping, lead time of sample and bulk, FOB price, packing and so on. At last, we reach an agreement on many ways. The meeting helps us know better each other and better cooperate in the future.

Mr.Yang is deeply attracted by our new atomizer Glass Bone very much,he says highly praise of it after he tested: fashionable design,superb workmanship. reasonable price and good material.He even said this is the best atomizer he has seen.


Our Glass Bone is a perfect atomizer for vapers looking for dry herb or liquid.The biggest feature is that you can add e-liquid,dry herb or any drinks into it(like coca cola,Coffee)etc into it.Very fun and test very cool.


(Nice hand feeling and looking)


(Mr.Yang is taking photo for our Glass Bone atomizer and says he will share it to his partner and customers)

After visiting,Mr Yang is very satisfied with our products quality and service. Finally,He negotiate with us for cooperative details and place order on us.

Thank you.Mr.Yang!We sincerely look forward to our long lasting business relations.

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Angels and Demons mechanical mod

The brand new Angels and Demons hybrid mechanical mod and RDA combo made by Rulien is now available.

The Hybrid combo comes with a brass mechanical mod beautifully engraved with a entwined angel and demon making out and a matching brass RDA. Both the mod and atomizer are also engraved with a matching serial numbers. QQ拼音截图未命名1

The engraved firing switch is flush mounted on the base of the mod, right above it a stainless steel locking ring provides a nice accent to the brass body.

The mechanical mod has all copper contacts and the atomizer has a solid copper center post going from the contact pin to the terminal, you can expect a hard hitting device with minimal voltage drop.QQ拼音截图未命名2

The RDA has a tri-post design for single or dual coil builds. The stainless steel top cap/airflow control ring has two large cyclops style air-holes that can provide a huge amount of airflow.

The deck has a large juice well and there are two o-rings around the base to prevent leakage. The atomizer also comes with a matching Pyrex glass and brass drip tip.

It’s just unbelievably gorgeous. If you are looking for a new mechanical  mod,you should check this out.Don’t miss out on this deal from AIKER .


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XTUBE ONE VAPMOD, very nice and good touch feeling, our R&D department took at least 6 months after test , and finally comes out this awesome and beautiful XTUBE ONE VAPMOD.

As you will see as below, there is five option colors, Black, Silver, Light Green, Red, Light Yellow.QQ拼音截图未命名1

Till now, we got many orders, come from USA, UK, Canada etc countries, and thanks for all our respected clients and customer. Quantity also increase from trial order 10 sets to 150 sets each colors. For its excellent temperature control function, and switch automatically, easy for use.

Ni200 350F-550F TC range, built-in 500mAh/25A Li-ion Battery , long time durability using when you go out for picnic or tourism .OCC/RBA Replaceable Coil, Adjustable Airflow .

Here is with front view of these awesome XTUBE ONE VAPMOD

Come on, and feel free to contact us, with these full of marketing potential XTUBE ONE VAPMOD,It will make many vapors fans surprise how nice they are. Its Micro USB Charger , you can connect to PC at anytime and anywhere easily, with adjustable air flow holes, nice vaping smoke will come out once you deep breath or suck , Meanwhile , Extra Kanthal 0.2ohm coil also provided together for our customer. User and vape fans can do option choice of NI200 coil or Kanthal coil easily .

The packing detail and photo is as below:QQ拼音截图未命名3

One set comes with:

1*XTUBE ONE Device (built-in Ni200 0.15ohm coil)

1*Extra Kanthal 0.2ohm coil

1*USB Cable

1*User Manual

1*Warranty and Service Card

Thanks every our customers and clients to choose and take this Cheap And Nice awesome XTUBE ONE VAPMOD,We go on to do our best to feed our customer’s meets. And also hope our customers and clientsWill have more and more markets Let’s move forward together. QQ拼音截图未命名4


Address: 1920 Taihua Junyi Family, Luotian Road Xinan Street,

Baoan District, Shenzhen , Guangdong, China

Contact: Ms. Alice

Email: alice@akecigarette.com

Mobilephone : 008613510505686

Website: www.akecigarette.com

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British Prime Minister David Cameron publicly support of electronic cigarettes

at Prime Minister Answers According to electronic cigarette online translation, British Prime Minister David Cameron in the Prime Minister Answers electronic cigarette in public support, the following are questions and answers:

MP: Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister. When we next convene the House of Commons the Prime Minister Answers, many people have begun to develop their New Year’s resolutions, and for many people, their New Year’s resolutions is to quit, taking into account the British Public Health Department has recently stated that the electronic cigarette tobacco than regular security 95% , and now Britain has made it clear that the fact that half the people. Mr. Prime Minister, can emphasize a positive role in helping people replace electronic cigarette on tobacco played it?

Cameron (British Prime Minister): Of course. In fact, many people have been repeated attempts to quit the battle many times, the final result is more successful. People tried different ways to quit smoking, it is clear that for some people, the electronic cigarette is a very successful way to quit smoking. I think we do need expert guidance, we should look at the report of the British Public Health Department, we can be very pleased to see that more than one million have about the use of electronic cigarette smokers to help them quit smoking or use of electronic cigarettes thoroughly alternative smoking. So I think we should be clear that the electronic cigarette for many people can improve their health, and thus can improve the health of the entire country.

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