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Hello , everyone. As we all know, electronic cigarettes can alleviate our contaminated lungs to some extent .Of course, if you are interested in marijuana, now you have a chance. We are back with new ...

About electronic cigarette you actually do not know



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Merry Christmas And Happy New Year Greetings

VAPEXPO 2015 IN PARIS OF FRANCE VAPEXPO 2015 was successfully held in Paris of France from Sep.20 to Sep.22, Sep.20 is opened for public audience and users, and Sep.21 to Sep.22 are the both two days ...

Mini wooden box mod

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Warmly Celebrate The Chicago Vapor Expo Show Client Place a ...

Date: June 11, 2015   To:  The respected customers of AIKER     On behalf of Shenzhen Caviar Tech Co., Ltd,  I would like to extend a formal invitation to all CAVIAR’S custome...

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Electronic Cigarette Is The Best Choice For Your Health   People use the traditional cigarettes now realize the advantage of e-cig. It’s really a no-brainer decision once you’ve pay att...

The benefits of electronic cigarettes convert from tradition...

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28 PCS Clapton Vape Wire Super Kanthal A1 Wires Violence Heating Coils 7-in-1 Flat Twisted Wire Demon Killer Kit Alien Tiger Tsuka for RBA / RDA / RTA Rebuildable Atomizers

  • Shenzhen
  • $18.99
  • AKR

Product Details



Please ensure that you do all of the right research before using this product.
Please check the forums for expert advice on working with all of our wires.
Obviously it is better value to purchase the wire by the metre and produce your own coils, but if you would like the coils pre-built then this is the item for you.
Please check the wire thickness and the number of wraps to see how the wire is made up.

Sub Ohm Coil Selection

Whether you are new to sub ohm vaping or not, this selection box of pre-made coils is perfect for those who cannot make up their mind which coils to use.

A selection of 7 varieties where you can try all the newest styles of prebuilt coils.

> Alien V2 Coil: 0.25ohm, 1.7*9mm, Kanthal A1+SS316L

> Tsuka Coil: 0.25ohm, 1.6*8mm, Kanthal A1

> Clapception Coil: 0.35ohm, 1.5*7.5mm, Kanthal A1+SS316L

> Framed Clapton Coil: 0.26ohm, 1.9*8mm, Kanthal A1+SS316L

> Tri-twisted Clapton Coil: 0.35ohm, 1.7*9mm, Kanthal A1+SS316L

> Spaced Clapton Coil: 0.35ohm, 1.35*9mm, Kanthal A1+SS316L

> Staple Staggered Fused Clapton Coil: 0.30ohm, 1.6*8mm, Kanthal A1+SS316L


4pcs Alien V2 Coils, 4pcs Tsuka Coils, 4pcs ClapceptionCoils, 4pcs Framed Clapton Coils, 4pcs Tri-twisted Clapton Coils, 4pcs Spaced Clapton Coils, 4pcs Staple Staggered Fused Clapton Coils, 1pcs allen key.


1. Keep out of reach of Children and pregnant women.

2. Keep away from high temperatures.

3. Do not use the wires if you are under the age of 18.

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