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Hello , everyone. As we all know, electronic cigarettes can alleviate our contaminated lungs to some extent .Of course, if you are interested in marijuana, now you have a chance. We are back with new ...

About electronic cigarette you actually do not know

      Contact us: Post Code:518101 Tel:+86 755 29533563 Fax:+86 755 29533563 Mobile:+86 13510505686 Email:alice@akecigarette.com Website:www.akecigarette.c...


 Merry Christmas And Happy New Year Greetings Every our clients and customer, old and new friends. Christmas Eve&nb...

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year Greetings

VAPEXPO 2015 IN PARIS OF FRANCE VAPEXPO 2015 was successfully held in Paris of France from Sep.20 to Sep.22, Sep.20 is opened for public audience and users, and Sep.21 to Sep.22 are the both two days ...

Mini wooden box mod

 Shenzhen Aiker Technology Co.,LTD all staff pray for Tianjing exposion matter   Time:23:30pm on August 12th Location:A Container Terminal of Tia...

Tianjing exposion matter and accident

Aiker Newest Hottest E-cig AKR TC-W Box Mods   Introduction  Aiker powerful engineer have created the first AKR TC-W 40W box mod ,The TC-W box mod ,not the mechanical mod, nice protect funct...

Aiker Newest Hottest E-cig AKR TC-W Box Mods

Warmly Celebrate The Chicago Vapor Expo Show Client Place a Huge Order  On June 17 our company attended Chicago Vapo Expo Show on time. We thank our colleagues for performing most of the market r...

Warmly Celebrate The Chicago Vapor Expo Show Client Place a ...

Date: June 11, 2015   To:  The respected customers of AIKER     On behalf of Shenzhen Aiker Tech Co., Ltd,  I would like to extend a formal invitation to all AKIER’S customers...

Invitation Letter

Electronic Cigarette Is The Best Choice For Your Health   People use the traditional cigarettes now realize the advantage of e-cig. It’s really a no-brainer decision once you’ve pay att...

The benefits of electronic cigarettes convert from tradition...

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Welcome to Aiker 

Aiker Overview

Aiker, is an established company which specialized in developing & marketing of digital 

consumer products. Our main focus is on Mods E Cigarette Mechanical Boxes,Metal Material E- Cigarette such as Mech Mod, atomizer,aporizer, battery series, disposable series, E-Cigarette Starter Kits and accessories etc.Our continue pursuing details, perfectness on products, which lead famous brand clients worldwide is keen interests to cooperate with us. 

Our Marketing&Success Aiker,marketing soul:We are selling not only products,we pursue more valuable info. &willing always provide more excellent service beside products.  Each sales impressed in mind for this soul, and have obtained a very satisfied result. By so far as now, we cooperated customer which cover whole over the worldwide, Europe, America, Middle East, Asian countries etc. Which include wholesalers, distributors, retailers, agents, importers etc..

our Culture


Welcome to Join Aiker family, here you can start an excited career journey,

you will have lots of learning opportunities and this is your full development World; 

you will experience the warm from Aiker family, wherever you are and which level education  you have; you will grow with this family together, your personal talents & value will get realized and raising here!

Respect Individual


We will try to create a most pleasant & friendly working environment, you will feel warm here. 

Your excellent work performance

will get full respect and promotions.We regard our employees as precious unvalued treasure.

For knowing us more, pls log in our website:www.akecigarette.com for obtain more details.


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Email: alice@akecigarette.com



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