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Hello , everyone. As we all know, electronic cigarettes can alleviate our contaminated lungs to some extent .Of course, if you are interested in marijuana, now you have a chance. We are back with new ...

About electronic cigarette you actually do not know



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Electronic Cigarette Is The Best Choice For Your Health   People use the traditional cigarettes now realize the advantage of e-cig. It’s really a no-brainer decision once you’ve pay att...

The benefits of electronic cigarettes convert from tradition...

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1.What is electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarette is one new style of electronic products, which has the same outlook performance and smell as tobacco cigarette,and have the same feeling of smoking but without any damaged material or components for health compared to really smoking.


2.What is the replacement of nicotine cure methods ?

Electronic cigarette is designed by World Health Organization recommended "Nicotine replacement curing methods", and reach the status of quit smoking without any pains.

First step: Use the tobacco liquid which contained high level nicotine and smoke 6 weeks  regularly

Second step:Use the tobacco liquid which contained middle level nicotine and smoke 12 weeks regularly.

Third step:Use the tobacco liquid which contained low level nicotine and smoke 4 weeks regularly.

Fourth step: At last, use the tobacco liquid which is withou nicotine and smoke 2 weeks and quit smoking in the end.


3.Does electronic cigarette need fire to light on?

No need. Electronic cigarette is one kind of electronic equipment, and build-in high sensitive airflow switch  will be turned on according to users' each breath and smoke.

Does electronic cigarette has the switch of turn on or turn off?

Nowadays electronic cigarette has two kind of control swith, one is with pressing button electronic cigarette, need to press button and then start working;The other one is auto switch,Need to absord or breath and after then start working. Electronic cigarette is easy to pick-up and pocket hand-carrying anywhere.


4.Does electronic cigarette is cheaper than traditional tobacco cigarette?

Electronic cigarette is more cheaper than tranditional tobacco cigarette, because it can be used repeatly. One smoke liquid is equal to 20 pcs of tobaccao cigarette.Smokers can save around 80% of expens every years.Meanwhile electronic cigarette does not contain harms to health, and let smoker keep more health. Health is priceless wealth indeed.


5.How does electronic cigarette working?

Electronic cigarette including: One lithium battery, one atomizer, one tobacco liquid. Such tobacco liquid contain propylene glycol, nicotine, spices such as food-grade liquid.When you smoke it will actively start atomizer and release smoke fog, just like smoking.


6.Does electronic cigarette have quality guarette?

Our compay products are free of charge for repairing in 3 months


7.Does electronic cigarette is smoking quit equipment?

Electronic cigarette is one kind of assitance in smoke quit equipment. It can be used in anywhere, and does not include the dangers of sencondhand smoke, nearly have little smell and more cheaper than tranditional smoking.


8.What's the fog release from electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarette is a condensation of water vapor release of smoke, do not produce second-hand smoke.Electronic cigarettes leave no bad smell in the air, but traditional smoking will leave a bad taste, and stimulate people's eyes


9.Does electronic cigarette smell have remains?

Electronic cigarette is not same as tranditional cigar or tobacco cigarette, its smell will not remain in cars, clothes and in rooms


10.What is the meaning of electronic cigarettes lights flashing?

Lights show the working status of electronic cigarette, for example :Simulation of smoke will power off and prompt smokers how many suction mouth to be used before stop.and protect smokers' health, if electronic cigarette LED light flashing , it means the low level capacity of battery, at this time it needs charging.


11.How long it will last when complete one time of electronic cigarette battery full charging?

Normally battery can use for a whole day. Electronic cigarettes with two pieces of batteries.All of batteries are full charged before exit factory and can use at once.When battery is used all, first charging should be 8 hours, after that charging usually takes 3 to 4 hours .


12.Does electronic cigarette safe?

Clinical trials found that electronic cigarettes is more safer than tobacco cigarettes.Electronic cigarettes inside contain only water, nicotine extracts and simulation of the tobacco flavor spices; Only contain the nicotine a third to a half compared to tobacco cigarette.. Please use the normal manufacturer of electronic cigarettes.


13.Can use electronic cigarette in any place?

Because the electronic cigarettes does not burn, do not contain smoke from burning of harmful substances, therefore can be in any place, such as no smoking place, bar, restaurant, plane and office, etc.Electronic smoke generated steam is odourless, and dissolved in a few seconds.


14.Electronic cigarette is suitable for which people?

Electronic cigarettes applicable people: tobacco and feel bad for a long time, work for a long time in designated areas and have a smoking habit, to give up smoking.


15.What attention should be paid to when smoke electronic cigarette?

Do not covet cheap products, pleae purchase a normal manufacturer of electronic cigarettes, normal manufacturer of electronic cigarette quality is assured. Some cheap poor quality and no guarantee electronic cigarette is easy go bad, are more serious will affect to your health.


16.Electronic cigarette is suitable for ladies?

Electronic cigarettes are belong to high-tech products, very suitable for fashion ladies, suggests women purchase low concentration of electronic cigarettes, can choose the mint flavor, fruit flavors, and so on.